Flexible Cement Membrane (FCM)

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Product Description

A two component latex based emulsion and when mixed provides a flexible waterproof coating, used as an adhesive for render, a primer or vapour barrier coating system. FCM also contains an anti-corrosive additive and can be used as an anti-corrosive coating on steel when repairing concrete spalling.
Used as a tanking membrane for internal and external walls. To provide a sealed surface on concrete substrates under sheet membranes or as an adhesive between layers of concrete. Westox FCM will bond normal render to high strength concrete and eliminate render slide during application over non-porous surfaces. It is recommended that a coating is applied over the top to protect from UV. FCM contains an anti-corrosive additive which migrates through concrete providing extra protection. FCM can be used as a flexible coating for the inside of planter boxes.

Coverage and Use

  • Mix by placing Part A Liquid into a suitable vessel and slowly add Part B Powder whilst mixing.
  • 18kg Kit