Plastalite Rehabilitation Render

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Product Description

Plastalite Rehabilitation Render is a light weight render system designed to inhibit the emergence of hygroscopic salts.
Can be used as a render for salt affected brickwork, replastering of walls after successful rising damp treatment and general cement rendering of both internal and external walls. Plastalite Rehabilitation Render is also used in new construction work as a replacement material for sand / cement renders due to its ease of use. Plastalite Rehabilitation Render is also compatible with traditional mixes (e.g. sand and lime) or modern cement based mixes.

Coverage and Use

  • 3m2 per 25kg bag.
  • Thickness 10mm.
  • Intital Set Time 2hrs / Full 8hrs.
  • Material can be used to build out in maximum of 10mm thickness.
  • Available in 25kg.

Only to be used as a guide and cover rates are approximate.