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Product Description

Westox Calox is a milky white poly functional silane with an extremely low voc providing maximum protection for concrete and masonry surfaces. Westox Calox is added to the gauging water of various cement based mortars, protecting them against Co2 penetration, spalling and re-bar corrosion by locking out water and harmful waterborne contaminants. Calox will not discolour or alter the appearance of concrete or cement mortars when used at the recommended addition rates. Calox can also be used to impart water repellency to cement based mortars and screeds to remove the capillary and reduce efflorescence occurring.

Coverage and Use

  • 1 Litre per 100 Litres of water.
  • Tilers screed 1% in gauging water.
  • Available in 1Lt, 5Lt, 10Lt & 20Lt.

Only to be used as a guide and cover rates are approximate.