CR25 – Negative Waterproofing Coating

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Product Description

As a tanking membrane for internal and external walls.  To provide a sealed surface on concrete substrates under sheet membranes or as an adhesive between layers of concrete.  When mixed with fine cement Westox CR25 acts as a waterproof coating on solid substrates.  Westox CR25 will bond normal render to high strength concrete and eliminate render slide during application over non-porous surfaces.  it is recommended that a coating is applied over the top to protect from UV, if required.

Coverage and Use

  • Suitable as a negative waterproofing membrane.
  • Mixing ratio one part CR25 to two parts with cement by volume.
  • 5Lt CR25 and 10 Litre cement – 12.5m2 @ 1mm thick.
  • Available in 5Lt & 20Lt.

Only to be used as a guide and cover rates are approximate.