About us

Westox Building Products is a quality accredited Australian company with over 50 years experience in the repair and conservation of older buildings. In addition, we work closely with a select group of skilled contractors ensuring quality outcomes for the client. This commitment to customer satisfaction is reinforced with back to back materials and labour warranty.

Westox Building Products was formed from a heritage plastering contractor and damp-proofing company. Westox introduced the low pressure method of installing a chemical damp proof courses which eliminated the problems associated with settlement caused when conventional damp proof courses were used.

Westox continued to promote and prove the chemical damp proof course system on many well know heritage buildings and were requested to install damp proof courses in many houses in Victoria Street Potts Point following the successful campaign by local activists for the buildings not to be demolished.

Westox decided to turn more towards being a supplier rather than contracting and appointed "preferred contractors" to carry out the application work, this allowed contractors to be set up in several suburbs and even other states. Being a specialised supplier Westox added more products to their range including other waterproofing products.

Westox relocated from Annandale into a factory in Rozelle where they started manufacturing their own range of water proofing and coating products as well as the damp proofing materials.

Westox developed and optimisation of the ceiling restoration technique for wood lath ceilings working on many well known heritage buildings in and around Sydney which are still in perfect condition to this day.

Westox were the original inventors of the spray on Paving system where a cementitious product is sprayed over a self adhesive paper stencil to simulate tiling or paving on large areas of concrete including driveways etc.

Westox acquired the paper and board making plant in Revesby a south western suburb of Sydney. As well as becoming a supplier of specialised filter media for liquid solids separation Westox worked on the development of other building products which could utilise the paper manufacturing facility.

After much testing and development work Westox released the Cocoon material which was developed using the technology used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade filter paper. Some modification to enhance certain properties of the product to increase the effectiveness as a poultice were made so the maximum performance was achieved.

Westox Cocoon was featured in the Australian Technology Showcase as leading edge Australian technology and were finalists in the 2006 and 2007 awards. Westox cocoon was extensively tested by the ICVBC University of Florence, The University of Venice and Edilvenezia Venice with outstanding results.

Westox Cocoon is used on many sites in the world heritage site of George Town, Penang, Malaysia and throughout the Middle East including Petra and the Baptism sites in Jordan. Westox continue to promote their products and expertise to overseas countries and have recently visited heritage buildings in India. The new Campbelltown factory also houses a teaching facility which will be used to teach a master class in heritage plastering, bricklaying and eventually including a class on salt issues in heritage buildings as well as holding an advanced class on waterproofing.