Heritage Plastering Master Class


The Westox Heritage Plastering Master Class is a comprehensive 5-day course teaching the skills, techniques and knowledge of the lost art of the solid plastering craft. The aim of the course is to further the skills and knowledge of plasterers who are interested in expanding into heritage restoration work, and to help ensure that future work on our heritage buildings and structures will be carried out using traditional methods and materials that are compatible with the building’s fabric. It will also create an opportunity for tradesmen, workers and apprentices to pass on this knowledge to future generations.

The classes will have some visual presentations but will mostly be hands on, practical training and teaching. Each student will require to have a basic use of tools used for solid plastering.

Some of the topics covered in the course will be;

-Traditional materials:

Preparation and use of limes, types of sands, composition of mortars and gypsum plasters.

-Setting out:

Plumbing and dotting walls, levelling ceilings, use of Datum line, setting out for running mouldings, arches, columns, pendants and ashlar lines.

-Lath and Plaster Ceilings and Walls:

Types of laths and their preparation, metal lathing, fixing, 3 coat work, stabilising, plaster key reinstatement and repair work.

-Running Moulds and Bench Work:

Running in-situ and on a bench, construction of running moulds, setting outrunning rules, running cornices and arches in-situ, mitre joints, running circular and cement mouldings. Reverse, case and fence moulds, materials used for making moulds and casting moulds.

Requirements: Basic experience in the Solid plastering trade.

Course numbers: There are only 8 positions available per class.

For more information on the course, including dates and price, please call the office on 1300 937 869 or email info@westox.com