Westox Chemical Damp Proof Course & Cocoon Training


This is a one (1) day training course located at our factory in Campbelltown, NSW. The course consists of two (2) parts.

The first part will cover the installation of the Westox Chemical Damp Proof Course, the drilling of holes and how to carry out a damp proof course installation from start to finish.

The second part will cover Westox Cocoon, how to apply the Cocoon, how long to leave it on and what to look for on building sites to recognise when Cocoon is required.

The course is carried out in the conference room for part of the day and the other part is carried out in the wet area with hands on training with the products.


For more information on the course, including dates and price, please call the office on 1300 937 869 or email info@westox.com.