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Product Description

Westox Floor Screed is a universal cement based floor screed mix formulated with specially graded quartz sand and Portland cement. Ideal for use as a semi dry tilers screed to level out rough and undulated concrete floors and provide falls to waste in preparation for waterproofing or tiling of bathrooms, balconies and roof tops. Excellent stacking and compaction qualities to provide high compression floor screeds. The use of Westox Calox in the gauging water in a 1% solution when mixing Westox Floor Screed, provides proven resistance to efflorescence. Westox Floor Screed helps to overcome issues due to failed hardness and reduces the chance of surface friability from premature drying. Moisture curing for 48 hours is recommended after 24 hours initial cure.

Coverage and Use

  • Approximately 1m2 per 20kg bag @10-12mm thick finish
  • Initial set time 2 hours,┬ácan be walked on after 8 hours
  • Allow 72 hours before the application of waterproofing
  • 20kg bag