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Product Description

The Westox Remedial Tie anchorage system includes ties that can be hammered or grouted into masonry walls. The Westox Remedial Ties are an austenitic stainless steel 316, reinforcing material. Being rolled from a plain round wire, the fins are work hardened to a very high level whilst the core remains relatively soft. The subsequent twisting process puts the fins into tension and the core into compression. The tensile strength of the base material is more than doubled during the manufacturing process. The pronounced fins over the core make the bonding characteristics of the Westox Remedial Tie far superior to alternative standard reinforcing materials. The uses of the ties are both wide and varied and they can be utilised in new buildings and for many specialised refurbishment requirements like apartment buildings, historic buildings, bridges and many more. The Westox Remedial Ties can be used for structural reinforcement and anchorage fixings.

Coverage and Use

  •  Supplied in 8mm diameter.
  •  Lengths 200mm, 220mm, 250mm.
  •  Special orders available on request.

Only to be used as a guide and cover rates are approximate.